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Performance and functional diagnostics in Neu Isenburg

Our performance and functional diagnostics services at a glance

Isokinetic strength diagnostics

Isokinetics is a computer-aided system that records and evaluates joint-characteristic movements.

Lactate performance diagnostics

Lactate performance diagnostics is a stress test to determine endurance performance. It is usually carried out on a treadmill or cycle ergometer to create conditions that are as standardized and reproducible as possible.

Y Balance Test

The Y-Balance Test is a functional test for examining an athlete's motor control and can be used for both the lower body (lower extremities) and the upper body (upper extremities).

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an assessment and classification system that records simple, basic functional and natural movement patterns.

Endurance performance diagnostics

Determination of the current endurance performance status and individual training zones for effective endurance training using a lactate test or respiratory gas analysis.

For body composition analysis - InBody 770

With our InBody 770 bio-impedance analysis, we determine the current status of 43 health indicators in your body.

Coordination test (Posturomed)

The Posturomed coordination test reveals weaknesses in coordination performance.

Skin wrinkle measurement and "Life Vitality" program

The skin fold measurement makes a significant diagnostic contribution to improved physical performance and mental well-being. This is very practice-oriented. It involves measuring 13 clearly defined points on your body using a skinfold caliper.

The "Return-to-..." concept

The test manual developed by the VBG for assessing playing ability serves as a guide for our therapists during rehabilitation, especially after ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament, but also for other injuries to the lower extremities.