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High-frequency therapy

Magnetic field therapy or magnetic therapy is an alternative medical treatment method in which patients are exposed to a magnetic field.

The therapy helps in many areas of illness by increasing the immune system and thus creating a faster healing process. The focus of magnetic field therapy is on pain and wound treatment as well as bone healing. The following diseases can be treated: migraines, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep disorders, muscle strains, sciatica and circulatory disorders.

Diseases that can be treated with high tone therapy

What are the main effects of HiToP high tone therapy?

What does high-tone therapy do to the tissue?

  1. The fine structures of the tissue, as long as they are capable of vibrating, are stimulated to produce fine vibrations.
  2. The smallest particles of water and dissolved substances that move freely in the tissue fluids are “turned” and “shaked” at frequencies that are difficult to imagine and lie between 4096 and 32768 Hz. In other words, the direction in which they are moved changes between 8192 and 65536 times per second.
  3. These very “fine and fast” vibrations, rotations and shaking have indirect and direct “distributive” effects on the substances dissolved in the tissue fluids such as minerals, vitamins, nutrients, so-called “waste substances” as well as substances that trigger pain and inflammation (scientifically “pain mediators”. and “inflammatory mediators”). The faster distribution of the substances with which the tissue cells are supplied means a faster and better supply to the cells. And the faster distribution of the “waste substances” (e.g. uric acid, lactic acid, carbonic acid) means support for removal, “disposal”.
  4. It has been scientifically proven that the very “fine and fast” vibrations and rotations on the cell membranes can trigger signals that activate cell metabolism or normalize certain functions.

What does high-tone therapy do to the tissue?

What does high-tone therapy do in a healthy body?

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