Medical advanced training (MAT) / physical gymnastics on the device (KGG) at R2comSPORT in Neu-Isenburg

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Medical advanced training (MAT) / physiotherapy on the device (KGG)

Immobilization after injuries, operations or pain causes physical deficits to develop relatively quickly in the affected regions. The primary target group is therefore patients with functional and performance limitations in the musculoskeletal system.

At the beginning of the training, a training plan is drawn up that is individually tailored to the existing damage pattern. Since the goal of the therapy is to restore everyday, work and sports ability, the focus is on improving motor skills, strength, coordination, endurance and mobility. In the spirit of a holistic body concept, not only the affected regions are addressed. Rather, the aim is to achieve muscular balance in all parts of the body in order to better cope with the physical stress of everyday life, work and sport and to offer good injury prevention.

Thanks to our extensive equipment, an expanded range of services and a wide range of offers, we significantly exceed the requirements of health insurance companies. We have training options with specially trained staff available to you.

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