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Indiba proactive

The “Indiba” device can be used in a variety of ways, for example: for joint, tendon and ligament injuries, for musculoskeletal injuries but also for physio-aesthetic treatments.

How does it work?

At a frequency of 448 Hz, thermal and non-thermal current is conducted into the tissue through the capacitive or resistive electrodes. The ion movement in the cell increases the permeability of the cell membrane and thereby accelerates tissue regeneration.

Diseases that can be treated with high tone therapy

1st phase:

capacitive: The reactions take place in the soft tissue directly under the electrode.

Here the tissue is heated, which has a positive effect on further resistive application

2nd phase:

Resistive: Here the reactions take place in tissue with higher resistance, e.g.: bones and tendons

Indications example:
Bruise, sprain, fracture, torn muscle, scar tissue, bursitis, tendonitis, low back pain

Any questions?

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