FRC® – Functional Range Conditioning at R2comSPORT in Neu-Isenburg

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FRC® – Functional Range Conditioning

What is FRC?®?

Developed by world-renowned movement expert Dr. Andreo Spina describes “Functional Range Conditioning®” as a comprehensive joint training system that is based on scientific findings and principles.

There are 3 goals in FRC® training. All of them are closely interrelated and are achieved at the same time through this newly developed training concept.


Mobility is described as the active range of one’s own range of movement, which a person is able to control. The more mobile you are, the more the potential of exercise can be used safely, effectively and efficiently to the maximum extent.

Longevity of joints
While the FRC® system allows you to gain mobility and movement, it also aims to strengthen the joints and thereby make them more durable. This means that strengthening the joints ensures that all movements/movement patterns can be carried out safely and healthily.

Body control
Training using the FRC® system improves the function of your nervous system. Reduced pain, strong but, above all, long-lasting joints and an increased ability to perform free, extensive and simple movement patterns are possible.

How does FRC work?® ?

Through specific exercises with our own body weight close to our active movement limits – with maximum strength development or as a continuous moving morning routine – we are able to make use of our passive range of movement and convert it into active movement.

FRC® works by systematically expanding the body’s own movement limits, while at the same time training the nervous system to control these newly achieved spheres of movement.

As our ability to produce force through our joints continues to decrease, we lose active control over our range of motion. Furthermore, we are usually only able to achieve a large range of movement through passive support (aids). This is useless for our varied everyday lives, especially from the perspective of movement, i.e. a functional perspective.

By increasing our passive range of movement and thereby simultaneously reducing our active, independently reachable range, our tissue’s ability to absorb forces decreases. Simply put: our risk of injury increases!

Any questions?

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