Heat therapy (NMG, FA, HL) at R2comSPORT in Neu-Isenburg

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Heat therapy (NMG, FA, HL)

Heat applications are an essential part of physiotherapy. Thermal stimuli lead to reactions in the organism depending on the extent of the impact.

Hot air: The intense red light (approx. 42 degrees) increases blood circulation in the skin. The muscles are relaxed and the subsequent massage or treatment becomes more effective and pleasant.

Fango is a mud made from volcanic minerals. It is applied warmly in the form of a pack to the tense areas of the body.

Natural moor is not real soil, but a mixture of mineral rock and water. The mud pack stimulates the metabolism and thus contributes to detoxification of the body and regulates the acid balance of the skin due to its pH value.

The hot roll consists of several cloths that radiate heat from the inside. There is rapid warming with little moistening of the skin. The hot roller is effective for sleep disorders, chronic painful conditions such as tennis elbow and muscular tension.

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