AlterG – antigravity treadmill at R2comSPORT in Neu-Isenburg

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AlterG – anti-gravity treadmill

With the Alter G antigravity treadmill, it is possible for patients, seniors and athletes to defy gravity and overcome their limits. Rehabilitate more efficiently, work pain-free on orthopedic or neurological indications and improve performance like never before.

The Alter G enables weight reduction in rehabilitation and training from 100% to a maximum of 20% of your own body weight in precise 1% increments. Live video transmission of the training in age G – using three cameras – enables direct feedback for patients and athletes as well as the timely implementation of corrections through the instructions of clinically trained sports scientists for better and faster success. Improved motor control of the muscles to be used or the achievement of a larger, pain-free range of motion with reduced shock load on the joints are just the beginning.
The simple operation ensures time-efficient medical training for patients, seniors and athletes alike for the following indications, among others:

• Orthopedics
• Fractures
• Artificial total endoprostheses (TEP)
• Cruciate ligament tear
• Achilles tendon injuries
• Osteoarthritis in hip, knee or ankle joints
• Neurology
• Multiple sclerosis
• Parkinson’s disease
• Fall risk prevention in old age
• Stroke rehabilitation
• And much more.

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