Skin fold measurement and “Life Vitality” program at R2comSPORT in Neu-Isenburg

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Skin fold measurement and “Life Vitality” program

Information and process of the entrance check & the life vitality program

Each appointment generally includes a skin fold measurement and analysis, recommendations on sleeping habits and nutrition as well as supplement recommendations and a training program.

“Simplicity is the voluntary limitation to the essentials.”

This quote illustrates our philosophy at R2comsport – to “simply” put the essential basics at the focus of our work. “Basics First” for the best health.

Skin fold measurement

Skin fold measurement makes a significant diagnostic contribution to greater physical performance and mental well-being. This is very practice-oriented. 13 clearly defined points on your body are measured using a skinfold caliper.

This measurement, accurate to 0.1mm, allows us to calculate body fat distribution, body fat percentage and fat-free lean mass from the sum of the 13 skin folds.

This “bio-signature method” developed by Charles R. Poliquin includes 12 measuring points and was further developed by Wolfgang Unsöld to 13 measuring points.

Thanks to this effective and efficient analysis, we can draw conclusions about the hormonal balance directly after the measurement. Sleep quality, individual stress level, metabolism speed and your regeneration management are just a few aspects that skin fold measurement gives us information about. This results in practical recommendations for action, which have the main goal of positively influencing your hormonal balance and thus all of the construction areas mentioned above. We can therefore design lifestyle recommendations for improved sleep quality, nutrition, training and supplementation even more individually for you.


In order to achieve constant and sustainable success, we prefer adhering to principles in nutrition rather than strictly following different diets/dogmas. We start by changing the most important meal of the day – breakfast. We will discuss further meals and various options for them in the individual context at the follow-up appointments.

Dietary supplements

Despite a healthy diet, it is possible that you do not absorb all the nutrients your body needs in sufficient quality and quantity. Here, taking nutritional supplements makes sense and is necessary when achieving individual goals. Based on the skinfold measurement, individual supplements are recommended. Most of them can be taken away directly on site, but we can pre-order some others. As a rule, in addition to a baseline (high-quality multivitamin preparation and vitamin D3/K2), we recommend 2-3 supplements based on skin fold measurement.


An individual training plan is created with the aim of increasing physical performance. Regardless of whether it is more performance in work, private life or in sport. Pain and restricted movement prevent you from fully developing your potential. Our sports scientists create the training program from rehabilitation training, to goals such as muscle building/body fat reduction, to sport-specific athletic training, etc. according to your wishes and possibilities.

For each check-up, we go through a set of each exercise and clarify technique and other questions in this regard. For every check-up there is an adjustment to the training program.

The Life Vitality Program

Starting with the initial check, follow-up appointments with further measurements/adjustments take place every 3-4 weeks.

A one-time check-up includes skin fold measurement, a bio-impedance analysis via Inbody 770 (body composition analysis), recommendation for supplementation based on the measurement, nutritional recommendations, training plan and sleep optimization.

Entrance check-up €179 each (60 min)

For long-term goal-oriented people, we can also offer the following packages:

Incoming check + 2 further check ups (approx. 30 min) – €399

Entrance check + 5 further check ups (approx. 30 min) – €690

If you have any scheduling concerns, you can contact us by email at or in person at R2comSport at Martin-Behaim-Straße 4 in 63263 Neu-Isenburg.

Any questions?

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