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Neuroathletics training

Gina Lisa Brückenkemper (athletics sprint), Serge Gnabry (football Bayern Munich), Per Mertesacker (football Arsenal London), Jan-Ingwer Callsen-Bracker (football FC Augsburg), Dominik Kohr (football Eintracht Frankfurt), Fabian Rießle (Nordic Combined) and others. All use the neuroathletics concept from Z-HEALTH to improve performance or for rehabilitation and pain reduction after injuries.

As a cooperation partner and training center of Z-HEALTH, our trainers and physiotherapists at R2comSport can incorporate this neurocentric approach into your training or therapy. We are therefore able to relieve pain by normalizing over-programmed safety barriers in your nervous system, eliminate movement restrictions through eye movements, stabilize the spine through foot movements and target performance-determining factors such as jumping power or speed through exercises specifically aimed at the nervous system improve!

This and more sound like unsolvable tasks. But thanks to current research in sports and neuroscience, it is actually possible to achieve the goals mentioned above and many more using Dr. Eric Cobb and Z-Health can be reached.

This revolutionary concept works to change the path from a biomechanical view to a neurobiomechanical view. Traditional perspectives on rehabilitation and performance improvement require an understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, but these concepts ignore the pacesetter of human movement – the nervous system including the brain.

Focusing on this previously missing component, Z-Health offers a precise, neurocentric rehabilitation and performance improvement program that can close the gap between conventional concepts and the ever-emerging neuroscience. As a result, results from combining classical training and neurocentric movement patterns can not only occur, they can be expected.

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